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The Zenith City is aBOOt to get scary(er)

Walking Ghost Tours in Canal Park run June-October 2023.  The Winters I’m available for Investigations, Reiki classes, healings and speaking events.

Duluth Ghostess


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Walking Tours

Follow your fearless leader, Kim, on the Dreadnought Ghost Walk. Fear not, what  spirits may be around every corner, in this historical, spooky and educational stroll around our Chilling Lakewalk. 3-hrs, 1.75 miles


Learn about energy and battling the forces of darkness in ourselves and others in this “hands-on” healing Usui Sheiki-Ryoho certification course that emboldens you during investigations.


Experiencing Strange things in your home or property? Let me and my Ghosty Girls of the Gichi~gami take a walk through your space and help you determine what forces could be at play.

About Us

Meet Your Ghostess

Investigating the haunted history of Duluth and the paranormal spirits that surround us requires an expert. Your ghost guide has almost a decade of experience exploring the paranormal and has been featured on a couple of episodes of the long-running hit television series Ghost Adventures.

Expect The Unexpected

Ghost tours will bring you one step closer to the Dark Side while you become a ghost hunter for the night. Learn about the Spirit World and experience a mini-paranormal investigation.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help convert skeptics into believers as we uncover the truth about the spirits that haunt our world.

Our Services

Choose your adventure and explore the underbelly of Duluth’s dark past.

Reach Out

Scheduling a tour online takes minutes and all you need is your credit card and the want to wander the metaphysical. 

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We meet at the start of the Lakewalk Platform (behind the Galley Cafe Boat, currently wrapped in white plastic) next to the Lighthouse Parking Lot