Learn more about how Duluth Ghost Tours began…

After immersing herself in the rich tourism and spooky spirit world of Savannah, GA our company’s founder, Kimberly Christine found herself working in a haunted property and making a cameo in an episode of the popular, long-running television series, Ghost Adventures-The Gribble House. This led her to get hooked on ghost culture and discovering the rich history of the paranormal.

Once in L.A., Kim started her own Ghost Tour of haunted Hollywood with City of Dark Angels Tours, fraught with frightening truths about Tinsel Town. With a love and deep understanding of paranormal culture, she’s made it her mission to share the knowledge of the dark side with the mainstream. For nearly three years she brought believers and skeptics together and explored the places where the spirits roam free. In Los Angeles, Kim innovated her company by adding a Pub Crawl component to her ghost tours, and although highly successful she left the city for Arizona to support her family and start a new chapter with her tour company.

Featured in articles, blogs, and vlogs, Kim has made a name for herself as an expert on all things otherworldly. For the last five years, she had been conducting a new tour in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. In 2020 (a month before the pandemic hit), Ghost Adventures brought her back to the silver screen helping Paranormal investigators Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin find the truth about the London Bridge.

Now back in her element of Duluth, MN, Kim offers Ghost Tours of the place she grew up in, offering a variety of types of tours by 2023 with never-ending plans for company expansion.  Being immersed in the most haunted U.S. city of Savannah and three iterations of tour experience under her belt,  Kim’s Duluth Ghost Tours are the most unique immersive experiences yet. They marry research, entertainment, collaboration, and explanation of the dark side of the unseen, through spirited storytelling and team building. She plans to make Duluth the ultimate niche Destination for the Ghost and Steampunk cultures and hopes you’ll be brave enough to walk into the unknown.

Our Vision

To entice brave souls to follow us through the spirit world of Duluth’s Canal Park and have an unforgettable and otherworldly experience in this distinctive destination. 

With a deep education in all things paranormal, our company is passionate about the creativity of our current and future tour products and ventures. We’re fiercely protective of our environment, tribal nations, and the ancient knowledge they instill upon us. As a company, we advocate for nature and animals, and our tours are done with the utmost respect for Mother Gaia. We support the Sciences and Arts; Theatre, Film, Music, & Dance, and want to give those who tour the spirit world with us an amazing experience that’s entertaining without sacrificing integrity or honesty. We embrace everyone on our planet and welcome people from all walks of life.  

Our Values