Dreadnought Ghost Walk in Canal Park, Duluth, MN

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Hey Twin Ports and fellow Minnesooootans!

Need to finally get this blog going. I am so happy you stopped by! Thank you for your interest in my tours. I love telling stories; getting you to shiver, laugh, question, and maybe cry. The unseen world is full of Mystery, and we all want to understand it. Most of you have had paranormal experiences, and I hope to open you up a little more and possibly make skeptics into believers. OR stout believers a bit more skeptical! Yes, its a fine balancing act.

Today I’m just reaching out to talk a little about my haunted tours as we are getting into Fall. Sometimes the month of October & September can be brutal including getting dumped on with some snow and rain! As my tours run through Halloween, there could be cancellations due to weather. So, I suggest getting onboard a few weeks BEFORE any possible booking tragedies.

We are outside next to the lake walking, stopping, standing and sitting over 2.5 hours. The paranormal investigation can take up a half hour, but you do not have to join this. It’s a bonus at the end of the tour to experience some equipment and how-to use it.

I highly recommend checking the weather before your tour and bundling up in layers. Bring water, coffee, tea, hot cocoa to keep your internals toasty. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions (323) 843-8688, that’s (323) U-GET-OUT! And I’ll see you on the Dark Side.

~Your Spirited Guide & Ghostess, Kim~