Our meetup spot, along the Lakewalk, behind the Galley Cafe (currently in plastic)

Our Tour

Dreadnought Ghost Walk

Fear Not our Canal Park Ghost Tour as we give you the chance to explore our culture, history, shipwrecks, tragedies, hauntings, lore and more…  in the world of the unseen to demystify the underbelly of Duluth. Experience paranormal equipment as we conjure to see what spirits are still lingering behind. We welcome both skeptics and believers alike and dare you to explore the spirits that surround us. Pick a date from our calendar and reserve your spot to take the tour.

Tours are 3 hours long (including a half-time break and bonus 30-min paranormal investigation, you are not obligated to stay for) and we walk about 1.7 miles, taking several stops to sit. Tours run June-October and are very dependent on the weather.  October weather can be too cold/moody to be outside for a few hours, so tours will run the first week and we give you the rest of the Halloween things to do in the city.  I may do an occasional event or two throughout the month, tho. Follow me on social media or check my Event Calendar here to see, what’s up! 


Any other questions you can visit the FAQ page.

Scheduling a tour online takes minutes and all you need is your credit card and the want to wander the metaphysical.

or Call Ghost tours today.

(323) 843-8688

that’s (323) U-GET-OUT