Paranormal Equipment Usage & Tips

We will have a limited supply of paranormal equipment to give to the groups during our investigation.  Have your cell phones charged as we will use them as well.  Download apps, “Ghost Radar Classic” and “SLS Ghost Tube”.  Bring your own equipment as well.  We will be outside the whole time so dowsing rods and some other equipment may not work well, like EMF.  Spirit Box works great, tho.

Starting your journey as ghost investigators you’re going to need some  Ghostly Gizmos.  My shopping recommendation is at;



You can find some things on Amazon, mostly used, but  third party vendors often don’t even see the equipment they send to you or may not know how things really work.  Reputable Ghost Equipment sites are from legit ghost hunters!  and these guys/gals can answer ALL your gadget questions as they are professional ghost techies that even make some of their gadgets-Amazon can’t.


Learn to Become Official Ghost Investigators


Paranormal Equipment

Digital cameras take the best
images.  Infra-red/Night Vision and Full Spectrum are the best cameras
for hunting.  Cell phone cameras not so much since flash is too bright,
limited pixels and uncontrollable shutter speed.  Though some great
images have been shot with a cell phone on ghost hunts.

Use your phone’s “Voice Recorder” to
record your EVP sessions and play it back when you get home to see if
there was anything you missed coming through the speaker.  You’d be
surprised and a bit spooked to hear new things in clarity as the spirit
seemed to whisper straight into the microphone!  Shivers…..

Here is some equipment we discuss on the tour and is great to buy ahead of time, esp. to use when staying in haunted hotels!:

  • K2-EMF Detectors
  • Dowsing Rods (if you’re creative n’ handy, you can make your own! Google it)
  • Ghost Box P-SB7
  • FREE
    APPS- GHOST RADAR although considered “For Entertainment purposes
    only”, our phones are a very expensive piece of electronic equipment. 
    And when spirits are pure energy, they can manipulate your devices!   I
    have had some very interesting and valid interactions and words come up.
    The Legacy version saves the words for journaling and proof when
    comparing current to past events.