Paranormal Investigations

Experiencing Strange phenomenon in your home or business?  Let Kim & Co. Paranormal Investigators through your property to explain the unexplainable. My Coven of Spirited ladies consist of a Reiki Master, researchers, filmmakers, mediums, psychics, and shamans from our tribal nations.  Empathetic with a critical eye, we give you several angles and help come to a conclusion.   Investigations consist of; EVP, EMF, recordings, overnight stay, outside research, possible filming…

*Donations for our research/investigation time and travel expenses appreciated.  Cleansing Property will incur a small fee.

*The months of September – October will be assessed a charge for the sheer timing around Halloween and “Entertainment”.

*Please Contact  or call (218) 461-9798 for more information

*Serving the Twin Ports and Surrounding areas of St. Louis, Douglas, & Carlton Counties

Paranormal Investigators in Duluth